Pruksa Real Estate : SAP HCM Success Story 3/6

Pruksa Real Estate : SAP HCM Success Story

Executive Overview
Pruksa Real Estate Plc is one of leading real estate
developers offering houses and condominiums
in the Bangkok metropolis and suburban areas
with high growth potential. Unlike most real estate
developers, the company adopts modern construction
business operation technologies to manage
the construction work of projects by itself. This has
enabled Pruksa to become a low-cost leader in the
Thai market, allowing the company to manage over
70 projects at the same time and to bring in over
70,000 families as customers.
As Pruksa has grown its business significantly, the
company experienced inefficiency in managing HR
processes for over 2,500 employees across multiple
projects. This was because it was relying on legacy
HR software that used up to four databases, causing
redundant efforts and affecting the quality and accuracy
of HR reports. Plus, only a few key individuals had
the knowledge to manage this legacy software, leaving
Pruksa more exposed to risk in business continuity.
Growing the business while having underlying
operational risk would be impossible, Pruksa’s
executives realized. They decided it was necessary
to transform HR processes to avoid the risk and to
increase consistency in the company’s backbone
information. This would also help achieve Pruksa’s
goal of having greater visibility into its value chain,
enabled by business intelligence.


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